The Woman Addicted To DRINKING PAINT Reacting to Weird Addictions

Gas sniffer Theresa spent three decades of her life hooked on the smell of petroleum. It started when she was 13 years old and got a whiff of her dad’s gas can. Theresa admitted to sniffing petrol about 120 times a day and had four gas-filled bottles lying around her house for easy access. Her unappetizing habit is the subject of the season premiere of “My Strange Addiction.”

woman addicted to drinking paint

35-year-old Charmissa has been addicted to chewing dryer sheets for four years. She wraps them up in toilet paper and tears off a piece when she has a craving. Chewing on them helps to calm her nerves, but the chemicals in the dryer sheets can cause cancer. It’s not entirely your fault, social media is literally designed to be as addictive as crack. You’re supposed to basically live on SM, and well, a lot of people do. People literally have emotional and psychological distress trying to quit Facebook, and some people can’t. Social Media addiction can become a big problem in someone’s life, affecting both their personal relationships and their job. If you think you’re spending too much time on social media, experts say the best advice is limit visits to social media to once per day. Don’t think Nicole is unaware of the bad effected her strange addictions can bring to her, but she doesn’t care.

Eating Paint Chips

Networks are usually known for editing their reality shows to spice things up and keep the ratings higher. TLC is known for its heavy editing on the reality shows on its catalog, and My Strange Addiction proves this fact to be true. A woman drinks her own urine as cancer treatment, but her daughters urge her to see a doctor. Carrie also revealed that she was portrayed quite differently on “My Strange Addiction” than how she is in reality. Carrie read a letter on YouTube that she wrote to the producers of the show, explaining that she wasn’t interested in a follow-up with TLC due to the misleading nature of the program.

Eco Sober House

When April’s fiance gave her the ultimatum “it’s me or the puppets” – April chose the puppets. Not only do the puppets go everywhere she goes, she practices with them 12 hours a day. Debbie is severely allergic to cats, but has over twenty of them. Despite the health problems they cause and the isolation that comes along with being the “crazy cat lady,” Debbie continues to choose the cats over herself since her husband’s death. Lauren used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, now she’s addicted to extreme bodybuilding. She works out up to six hours a day, six days a week. 24-year-old Rhonda can’t stop sucking her thumb while sniffing a scrap of her childhood blanket. The safety and comfort the thumb sucking gave her during her parents divorce, has now become an isolating social behavior she can’t let go.

The Woman Who Preferred Her Puppets to Her Fiancé

But you should surely care about inviting such people with weird habits to your house. Everyone has to die, and she wants to die eating drywall. Strange addictions are too addictive that people prefer to stay addicted than leading a normal life. She eats her husband’s ashes every day, thinking she is having her husband himself. But you can’t deny the fact that such strange addictions exist. Might be sickening but told you already, our list of strange addictions is for brave hearts.

woman addicted to drinking paint

Whether in the car, at the movies, or in a restaurant, Kesha seizes every opportunity to give into her addiction. This addiction is actually a medically recognized addiction with it’s own name – Oniomania. While it’s easy to laugh it up, or laugh at these people, they literally do not have control over their lives and go into crippling debt for shiny things. It can sometimes stem from depression or feelings of inadequacy, and it is treatable. If you’re going into debt for things you want but don’t need, hiding purchases from your family, and feel the “need” to buy something every day, even if it’s online, you may want to consider your true motivations. TLC is famous for its intriguing and unordinary shows. Many of the shows aired on the network require people to take a hard look because they are usually focused on otherwise taboo topics. Some of the shows aired on the network include 90 Day Fiancé, which gives its cast three months to get to know their fiancés well and get married or call it quits. TLC also features a bridal specialist and designer who takes brides to find the perfect dresses for their wedding day. The Learning Channel has taught its viewers one or two things about reality television relationships and medical procedures.

Anantharaman is a Pratt Institute alum who works with fashion designers, museums, and collectors and has been acknowledged for her work. She is known as one of the best taxidermists in New York City. It’s clear that TLC sometimes stretches these “addictions” people have, and in some cases, it’s almost entirely not real. In a Reddit thread, fans of My Strange Addiction explained why they believed the show was fake.

Although some of the issues expressed on the shows are sometimes real, many fans have noticed the excessive editing and plenty of camerawork. Read on to find out why fans woman addicted to drinking paint think the network might have exaggerated too much. Specific cases on the show have raised concerns[from whom? ] that at least some portrayals are fictional or falsified.

Getting Plastic Surgery

For example, the large number of Pica-like cases where subjects claim they consume materials that are known to be fatal when swallowed in the quantities shown. These include gasoline, camphor , broken glass, and other non-food objects. One of the nastiest things one can find in the bathroom is slimy, long, wet hair. Long, slimy hair is exactly what he’s after when he’s digging deep inside his shower drain. Playing pretend was the ultimate game when we were kids.

“I was attending school during the time of filming, and while I am a bit of an introvert at times, I am in no way close to what they had shown.” Compared to other things on this list, Lacey’s addiction to sniffing plastic dolls’ heads doesn’t seem too concerning. Just one look at Lacey rubbing her face across her baby doll’s head is enough woman addicted to drinking paint to get you worried. Smelling it is dangerous, but drinking it is downright lethal. 20-year-old Shannon knows that, yet she can’t rid herself of her deadly habit. She desperately craves it and always carries a small bottle full of petrol along with her. As unbelievable as this sounds, Shannon chugs huge glasses of it every single day.

Season 2 – Episode 3 – Aired 7/24/2011

At first glance, you wonder to yourself, what’s the harm in that? But Asha’s long dreadlocks are giving her unbearable neck and back pain. Ayanna first started Sober Home growing out her fingernails when she was 24 years old. And like other young women, grooming her nails was just another normal part of her beauty routine.

  • Although lots of people like to mock those who go overboard with plastic surgery, after a certain point, it’s just sad.
  • Now your answers might change, and many of you don’t have anystrange addictions.
  • This has actually been studied, and brain scans have been done on people showing that it’s similar to a cocaine craving.
  • But while we appreciate her devotion to her pets, it’s the eating clumps of their hair bit that feels a bit off.
  • While it’s easy to laugh it up, or laugh at these people, they literally do not have control over their lives and go into crippling debt for shiny things.

Beal, whose eye twitches when she drinks paint, is exhibiting only the least of the side effects that come with drinking the product. Paint is said to have the same affects as alcohol, such as slurred speech, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and may give off a false feeling of relaxation. But the long-term effects are even more alarming as it includes permanent brain and neurological damage. Most people assume abstaining from alcohol when trying get pregnant and actively trying to conceive are enough to avoid fetal alcohol conditions after birth. And yes, turning down every last drop of alcohol while pregnant is a hugely important step to take to maximize the chances of having a healthy baby—but if recent research is any indication, it might not be enough. The woman who spent all of her time growing her hair. The lady who liked to drink paint because it felt like “a thicker version of warm milk” on her throat.

Is my strange addiction set up?

TLC is known for its heavy editing on the reality shows on its catalog, and My Strange Addiction proves this fact to be true. Although some of the issues expressed on the shows are sometimes real, many fans have noticed the excessive editing and plenty of camerawork.

When producers told Lauren they wanted to film the process of making a fursuit, she said she thought it was a great opportunity to showcase what the subculture was really about — creativity, expression, and fun. Did you love your inflatable toys enough to marry them? The picture was taken by Richard Masoner27-year-old Mark loves his inflatable toys from the time when he was 14. He has 15 inflatable pool toys from the age of 14 with whom he sleeps, eats, drinks, and what not! He loves all his 15 toys, but his favorite is the blow-up yellow dragon, Lila. If you ask him about the love of his life, he will repeat “Lila Lila and only Lila.” He and Lila are living in for years now, and Mark plans to marry her soon.

However, Carrie was in fact engaging in urine therapy to treat her cancer. While urine therapy isn’t a medically proven therapy, it also isn’t anything new. A woman is addicted to pony play, a form of costumed role play. Then, a single mother of two has been addicted to drinking paint for nearly three years. We have heard about people saving ashes of their loved ones as a memorial. We have even heard of making prayer halls on the ashes. Yes, there are people who are addicted to eating human ashes. Casie and Shawn fell in love and got married in 2009. And Casie is the main character of our story with the strange addictions.

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