How Do I determine if My Girlfriend simply Flirting for Fun?

Reader Question:

How would i am aware if my gf is “fun flirting” or if she doesn’t love myself any longer?

-Colin B. (Virginia)

Professional’s Answer:

Hey Colin,

Just what an appealing concern. Whenever we had been having a two-way dialogue, I would personally want to know for a lot more details. But since this is actually me personally almost writing you a letter, i shall have to use my personal creativeness and cognoscente creativity. I’m presuming both you and this woman tend to be exclusive. (In case you aren’t exclusive, then you definitely really do not can stress about the amount of flirting the woman is carrying out.) OK, therefore if we have now founded that the couple are exclusive as well as your girl is hugging, holding hands with, whispering to and giggling at everything your 10 most readily useful man friends say, subsequently “Houston, we’ve a problem.”

The meaning of flirting is always to “behave like interested in or attempting to draw in some one, but also for amusement as opposed to with major motives.” Regardless of if your girlfriend doesn’t plan on in fact making down with or asleep with one of several dudes she flirts with, it is still upsetting for you – long lasting level of flirting it’s. It’s likely that, she does not even recognize she is doing it. Thus stay this lady straight down and inform the lady exactly how it certainly makes you feel. If she listens and stops flirting together with other dudes, subsequently she cares for you. If she goes on her fun flirty methods, then it’s possible she actually is maybe not prepared relax.

Thanks for trying,